About me

Matija Culjak


While most of the people are “coffee first” people, checking my email is the first thing I do in the morning. Everything else comes after that. Always in the loop of new technologies, social media & digital frenzy, I enjoy spending my free time trail running & hiking. Also, there’s only one “return” and it ain’t of the king, it’s of the Jedi!


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away golden age of chat was at its peak. One brave teenager set out to learn about IRC, forums, bulletin boards & managing online communities. At that time he formed a strong opinion about accessibility and simplicity of user interface. After completing his high school and college education, the young chap set out to make a name for himself in digital marketing waters, only to find out what he really liked is web development. Aside from successful juggling with various front-end technologies young one enjoys reading books and writing about heavy life stuff and how Force affects us all. Now that I’ve fulfilled my daily quota of talking about myself in third person shall we continue?

My first college choice enabled me, as I realized it only after graduating (BACC. ING. TECHN. GRAPH.), to acquire a certain skill-set, skill-set in using audio & video technologies, applying communication theories and perception & psychology of colors. Because of that I became interested in interpersonal communication, especially interaction using social media outlets and with that in mind I’ve focused my studies and bachelor thesis on Community management and communication on social media. In my not so humble opinion, I think it’s important to understand that today, in this fast paced world we live in, when we give new information only a fraction of our attention (counted in seconds), to create a great user experience becomes not only a real and exciting challenge but also an initiative to think outside of the box.

My first love was digital marketing. It was fun, thinking how to get your message through to your target audience and position the product on the market. Today, when we are glued to our smartphone screens more than we interact with other people that task seems even more exiting! Whether it was email, social media marketing, community management or Google ads, you name it, most probably I had something to do with it.

But then it came, web developmenta brick wall which causes many marketeers to give up their intentions. But not me, I was determined to overcome that wall and as it turns out, you can’t really do your marketing job properly without a basic understanding of HTML/CSS and stuff that comes with it. Throw in there little Photoshop skills and you’re good to go! As writing copy for clients became more dull I came to realisation that writing website code is much more suited and fun for me. One thing led to another and now I’m working as a frontend web developer with experience not only in digital marketing but digital)photography, video editing and content producing in general.

Up next: read some of the stuff I wrote or contact me if you have something on your mind.