The Emperor’s New Clothes

For the past four months, with work and everything in between, I haven’t posted a single article but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking off.

Lets be honest – the old website was clogged with too much content, sidebars, social media icons and such and even though it’s been running with the great Newspaper theme for the past two years it just didn’t feel right anymore. Every time I tried to post something it bugged me how the overall browsing experience was clunky and turned me away from writing anything.

So, I decided to change that. Thinking of how to improve the theme, clean it up by removing unnecessary features I decided it was best to start from the scratch and create a completely new theme. The goal was simple, create a fast & lightweight theme that isn’t dependent on any plugins for it’s core functionalities. The result is as shown, theme that weights, unpacked only 127KB.

It’s not like I arrived at this particular design all by myself. At the time when I was looking to showcase my work in form of online resume/portfolio I hired a friend of mine to design something for me and the result was Looking at the finished product it still felt amateurish and like it didn’t represent me in my most honest form. So, back to the drawing board it was.

Looking for inspiration, after a week or two I finally decided on composing a design inspired by few sites I frequent and this is the result. Minimalistic content oriented design with a little showcase section for my previous doodles & works. Yeah, it could probably be improved by rearranging some elements around but for now it just feels right.

The biggest change on the site, aside from the facelift, is the decision to start writing in English. Although I didn’t like it at first, after careful deliberation it made more sense to do just that as I can better express myself that way. I won’t translate any of the previous posts but you can expect new ones to be written in English.

Well, that’s it for now. With all said and done, as a promise to myself, I’ll try to post at least once a month. See you out there!